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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow storm in Mid-Missouri

Sharing a few pictures of our recent snow storm.  We have not had a storm like this in many years.  Our street still has not be plowed.  Don has kept the driveway and sidewalk clear with his snow blower.

Walk to front door

Front door looking toward the unplowed street

Bushes in front of the house.

Don with his winter toy... sure glad we bought this last year.


  1. Betty, your walk way looks like ours in Michigan. Thank goodness my DH has the same winter toy.....sure made it easier this morning:)

  2. I thought of you when I saw the storm's projected path and hoped you were OK! We haven't received as much snow as was predicted but the wind chills are really cold. Take care and enjoy your snow blower! Seems you are getting several opportunities to use it this year.

  3. Hi Betty! I saw on the news last night that you all were getting blasted with snow! WOW! We got ice, but the snow went north of us. So glad that your hubby has his little toy to keep you all shoveled out! Stay warm, and I hope they get your street plowed soon!



  4. Good to see that Don is getting his money's worth from his "snow toy" this year.

  5. You are getting record snow..and we are having record high temperatures! Crazy world!

  6. Looks about the same on this side of town. Joe doesn't have a toy and shoveled it all by hand. He's sore, needless to say.

  7. Boy that is just way too much snow ! ! ! I think most of the snow landed at your place ! ! ! I got my fair share of snow ! ! I posted pics also ! deegeesplace.blogspot.com