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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where have I been??????

Can you guess where I have been the past three weeks?  This was a welcoming gift from my friend Carol who we stayed with for 12 days.
This is your first clue.
OK, need a few more clues??

If you guessed London you are correct.  We spent several days in London and then hopped on the train to go  stay with our friends in Arnesby, England  for 12 days.  Our friends were the best host anyone could have asked for.  They took us around to the Cotswolds, Cambridge and several small villages in the area.  We truely saw the beautiful country side of England.  The four of us went to Edinburgh by train for 3 days.  We had a great time with memories and friendship to cherish  a lifetime. 

We escaped London before the Royal wedding events.  You can bet that I will be watching it on TV.  We walked the very aisle that the royal couple will be walking on this Friday.

Yes, I did get to visit a fabric shop.  We went to the Bramble Patch http://www.thebramblepatch.co.uk/shop/index.asp