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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Day Mystery Quilt

Myself and a few friends got together yesterday to do the mystery quilt sponsered by Planet Patchwork http://planetpatchwork.com/Case133/case133part1.htm
I got all but the last border done by the end of the day.  I just finished the outside border and have it ready for quilting.  Overall I am happy with the small wall hanging.  A few points could be better but after it is quilted and you don't stand real close it will not be too noticable.  Not sure but I may add some applique to the border.


  1. I think it looks fabulous, Betty! Does the second photo show how much you got finished compared to your friends? If so, you are FAST! :o)

    I won an on-line quilting class from Gene Black and am in the process of making my first ever quilt! Keep your fingers crossed for me!



  2. Do I need to start calling you Eleanor?!!! Great job making a quilt in a day.

  3. By all means, Betty, add that appliqué !


  4. Wow! Good for you. They are all darling!