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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Applique pot holders

I have recently started doing some applique with a group of ladies in our local guild.  We had a few of the experienced appliquers kind enought to help us get started with different techniques  to try.  I had two of my first samples just lying around and decided to make them into potholders.   Our guild is having a potholder exchange in August.  I cannot decide if I want to give these away or keep them since they are my frist two pieces I appliqued.    If I decide to keep them I will need to get busy and make a few more potholders.

Also going to share a few pictures of my lillies that are in full bloom.  I have 7 different varieties, I won't bore you with pictures of all of them.


  1. Pretty potholders an pretty flowers! I should try to make some potholders...I dunno why...I always have to have something "big" to make...small can be pretty too!

    =) new follower =0

  2. Keep them!!! They are too pretty to use after all that hard work. You can make something simpler for the exchange. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  3. You can be very proud of all your flowers, both live and applique. I especially like the purple coneflower pot holder. I agree with Dianna that you should seriously consider keeping these first two projects.

  4. Betty, both of those potholders are wonderful...but I especially love the coneflower. I can see why you want to keep them for yourself! And your lilies are absolutely beautiful!