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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More flowers for you to enjoy...

Most of my sewing has been for gifts that I don't want to share yet. Therefore I will share picuturs of more of my flowers and plants.

I will have another cactus blooming in just a day or two.

These are some of my star gazer lillies that are in full bloom. I have four stalks like this. They smell so nice.

These are castor bean plants. They should still get much taller and produce beans that are poison the we plan to use to get rid of the pesky moles that have done a lot of damage to the yard this summer.

This is a Cleome in bloom. The common name is spider plant or Grandfather's whiskers. These re-seed themselves every year. They are pretty however they do not have a nice fragrance.

This is a Liatris, somethimes referred to as Blazing Star or Gay Feather. As you can see the bees love this plant.


  1. Your yard must look so pretty. Great pics.

  2. are the castor bean pods poisonous to dogs and cats? Claire

  3. Castor beans are just plain POISONOUS ! ! !

  4. Thanks for posting these pictures. I am sure they don't do justice for the real flowers, but I sure do enjoy seeing the photos.

  5. Betty, your flowers are beautiful. I love Cleome, but they are pretty stinky! But the fragrance from the Star Gazer Lilies more than makes up for that! They smell wonderful!