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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I had a busy day organizing a sewing event for our charity project for the Missouri River Quilt Guild. We had 15 members come to donate their time and talents to make quilts for our local Veterans Hospital long term care facility. A local business was kind enough to let us use their conference center as a sweat shop. I want to share a few pictures of our busy day.
We have received some donations from local organazitions to help us with the cost for this project.

Anna Marie busy at work. She is also our photographer. Thanks for taking these pictures Anna Marie.

This is a photo of myself with Linda, past president and Sharon,current president. How do you like or matching T-shirts?

A finished quilt made by Janet, one of our guilds active members. The quilt pattern is "Warm Wishes"

The above label will be placed on all the quilts that we will be donating to the VA hospital.

Look at this featherweight hard at work. What a beautiful machine...


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